The company was established in 1962 and in 1980 it moved to its current location on Via Scaroni, expanding from the initial buildings of 2,000 m2 to today’s of 50,000 m2. Output was initially concentrated on large hot pressed and forged blanks weighing from 0.5 kg/piece to 30000 kg/piece.

The company put a treatment plant with rotary conveyor system for tubes and bars into production in 1999 and in 2004 a number of acquisitions led to the addition of controlled atmosphere processes on finished pieces and non-ferrous materials to the company’s capabilities. After the first few years of consolidation of the market and technologies, the company moved on to develop exclusive plants and working methods for the automation of treatment processes, taking the human factor out of the equation. This research work culminated in the “Turbo – Tempra ®” technology, which allows treatments on very large production lots to be performed with the same accuracy and uniformity as “single piece” hardening processes.

The company has also developed the capacity for the provision of secondary services such as logistics, packaging, straightening, strapping, cutting and testing, with shipment straight to the final user, inside Italy and beyond.

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