Large forged pieces

Hardening and tempering, various types of annealing, normalisation, solution-annealing and stress-free annealing of steel construction elements. Our plants are able to process pieces up to 4,000 x 2,200 x 14,000 mm in size with a heating temperature up to 1,200° C. Quenching may be in oil, water and various concentrations of polymer.

All furnaces are equipped with an automatic system for recording the main heat treatment parameters and are calibrated in accordance with the API 6 A, ASTM A991, NORSOK M650:2011 and AMS 2750-Edirectives.
The quenching tanks are equipped with an automatic liquid cooling system which keeps the bath within the set temperature limits, and a liquid stirring system.
The plants are configured to keep the transfer time from furnace to tank below 40 seconds, important for products intended for the oil and gas industry.

The Heat Treatment department is equipped with:

  • 25 natural gas furnaces capable of treating pieces up to 4000 mm in diameter and up to 14000 mm in length;

  • 7 water quenching tanks;

  • 4 tanks for quenching with polymer solutions at various concentrations;

  • 3 oil quenching tanks;

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